Welcome to my blog.

Follow me as I navigate working with community partners in Rwanda from my home in Ontario, Canada. This blog will be a personal record of what international learning can look like during COVID-19. 

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Time flies when your learning about probiotic yogurt! (or whatever it is they say…)

Firstly, I would like to note that my blog activity has been definitely subpar, but in my defence, time has passed by so quickly these past few weeks. It is completely insane to me that things are beginning to wrap up with this internship and three whole months have passed. So what did you miss…

This is now a food blog.

…Well it is at least for this next blog post. As we started prepping for the training phase of our internship, for which our Rwandan partners have requested formal training on probiotics and making probiotic yogurt, it seemed that the most appropriate first step to take would be to try actually making yogurt myself. (Disclaimer:…

Month 1: Loading… Buffering… Planning

I am now about a month into my Western Heads East remote/virtual internship, so I feel it is about time I explain what the program is meant to be, and what my experience has been thus far. As WHE interns in partnership with the University of Rwanda and the NGOs Living With Happiness Icyemezo and…

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